By listening to you and understanding your needs, we will assess how you are exposed in your current planning.

By working with us and our team of specialists, you will get the best strategies and we will keep your planning up to date for changes in tax laws...

We are independent so you will get UNBIASED recommendations. We will research all the competitive companies, products, riders... You will get the best value.

We will make recommendations that will help you minimize and or transfer risks. Provide solutions that will help you, your family and your business.


OUR TEAM OF SPECIALISTS, Neil & I have been in business since 1978. 35+ years. 


Buying on your own using the internet or working with agents of a single company will be more costly because you will not benefit from the our experience, credentials, testimonials, proven track record, relationships in underwriting & claims departments of all the competitive companies... We will show you comparisons of company ratings, premiums, contractual provisions... THOROUGH & DETAILED ANALYSIS TO HELP YOU MAKE THE BEST BUYING DECISIONS.


  • Insurance (all types)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Management

Hello, my name is Salil Zaveri. My dad Ashok Zaveri  joined the insurance business in 1969 (passed away in 1988. RIP). My mom Kala Zaveri joined the insurance business in 1972 (retired in 1987). My parents brought me into the insurance business in 1978. I brought my son Neil Zaveri into the insurance business in 2010.

My son Neil and I are INDEPENDENT insurance brokers. We will help you with ALL your insurance and risk management concerns. Your RESOURCE to ALL the companies, products, riders... We are independent so we can be UNBIASED and help you get the  BEST VALUE.

Individual & business insurance:  Life, long term care, disability, auto, home, umbrella, health, property/casualty/liability... Planning Services include Insurance/Risk Management, Retirement/Pension, Estate...

At the casino, in the long run, the house never loses. When you insure with us, YOU are the house and you always WIN.

Get your insurance through us, then relax and enjoy your life. We will help you stay protected.

Risk management requires you to keep an eye on it regularly. We will help you.

CONTACT US FOR A FREE EVALUATION & COMPARISON of your existing insurance products & services. See how we can improve your coverage AND lower your cost to help you get the best value.

Salil Zaveri. In The Insurance Business Since 1978.

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Salil Zaveri insurance experience: 1978-Current. Over my past 35+ years in the insurance business, I have been a college agent, college unit director, special agent, unit director, sales representative, branch manager, district manager, general manager and independent  insurance broker. 100's of training programs attended as a student as well as an instructor. I will utilize my experience to help you choose the right solutions, companies, products, riders... Along with me are numerous other independent brokers specializing in various areas so you get the best recommendations. Independent & unbiased so you can use the information we provide to make the best decisions. Feel free to have your CPA & attorneys contact me so they can also provide you their opinions regarding our recommendations. We are confident that they too will appreciate our due diligence in helping you the right way.