At the Casino, the house never loses. With the right insurance, YOU are the House.

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Greetings! I am an INDEPENDENT INSURANCE CONSULTANT. Welcome to my website. Wishing you all the best now and always.
The list below describes how I can help you, your family and or your business.
  • I have 17 SPECIALISTS on my team. Each is the BEST in their specialty and will help you get the BEST value.
  • We are independent and unbiased. We represent you.
  • We can get you insurance quotes for ALL THE COMPANIES.
  • We will give you spreadsheets that COMPARE premium, benefits, ratings…
  • I have been in the insurance business since 1978. I have over 30 years of experience to help you find the best for your needs.
  • We will inform you about your options so you can make all the right decisions.
  • I do not charge any fees whatsoever. If you purchase, the insurance companies pay me a commission.
  • We  provide excellent follow up by keeping your plan up to date. If premiums go down, I help you get the lower rate.
  • We help you review and revise your plan so that your coverage keeps up with your needs.
  • We review all the provisions of your plan so your beneficiary and other information are always up to date.
  • We make you aware of creative approaches so that you can take advantage of tax and other provisions.
  • I am accessible in person, phone, email and SMS. Whatever your concerns or questions, you get prompt answers.
  • Most importantly, I care about my clients. I stay in touch throughout the year.

Note: Life insurance premiums have been DECREASED by most of the companies due to NEW MORTALITY TABLES which prove that people are living longer. New plans have also been introduced that are MORE COST EFFECTIVE FOR YOU. Your existing company and agent have NOT notified you. They are  benefitting from your higher premiums, commissions and renewal commissions. 

Allow me to do a side by side comparison of your existing policies to what is now available from the insurance industry. You may save SIGNIFICANT amount of premiums as well as get better riders at no additional cost.

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